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OMNIA is more than well-being. 


We’ve taken scientific information, broken it down to be understandable, implementable, and practical. 


Our goal is to make sure that every single person in your business has the knowledge on how to perform at their best.



OMNIA has created specialised training programs designed to develop sustainable leaders by helping them understand the necessity of well-being on performance, not only for themselves, but also for their teams. 


Session 1:

Creating Sustainable Leaders 


This session looks at why well-being is important for high performance for not only leaders themselves but also their team. 


Looking specifically at: 


  • How stress impacts performance by understanding what happens to the body and cognitive function. 

  • Looking for signs of stress and burnout 

  • The importance of diet, sleep and exercise to build resilience

  • Developing habits that support performance 


Session 2:

How to Develop A Sustainable Team


This session is designed for leaders to gain the understanding on how to support their teams in a fast-paced environment.


This session looks specifically at: 

  • How to spot the signs of stress and burnout  

  • Understanding the importance of pressure on performance 

  • How to build resilient teams 

  • How to develop a culture based on performance



We are driven to partner with businesses that can have a huge impact on performance through developing bespoke well-being strategies. 


Consulting for businesses that want to take their business to the next level with understanding how to develop a sustainable and scalable business. 


Bringing in OMNIA we can find the key areas that you can specifically focus on to ensure greater levels of engagement, lower absenteeism and increase areas of productivity and performance. 


Developing bespoke strategies that can support your companies growth. 

Partnering with OMNIA to help create bespoke well-being strategies that will help drive sustainability and growth within business. 



This framework has been specifically designed to support any business with key wellbeing areas to ensure their team is managing stress and preventing burnout.