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Well-being is no longer a good idea for companies, it’s a necessity.


Stress and burnout have skyrocketed in the past few years. 


- Due to stress, anxiety and depression, 55% of all working days are lost

- it’s costing UK business £26 billion annually

- and we’re seeing more and more people signed off with stress.


Unfortunately, when it comes to action, companies are at a loss. 


Your business needs to evolve in such a way that your foundation is built around well-being.


Stress and burnout are costing workers their health, but it’s also costing businesses their ability to drive sustainability, performance and growth. Prioritizing well-being eliminates these problems.


At OMNIA, we work with fast-paced organisations to develop bespoke well-being strategies that fit their needs, thus increasing employee attrition rates while developing a more sustainable culture. 


Being able to spot the signs of stress and burnout is imperative.


As a result, we have developed a well-being check for your business to discover the key pain points that are causing stress and burnout.  This will allow us to better determine how we can work together to develop strategies ensuring that there is sustainable growth, performance and profit. 


Curious about where you and your company stands?

Then try our OMNIA Well-Being Diagnostic