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Katie's StOry

Stress management, nutrition and overall performance have defined who I am. 

As a young girl, I was always interested in nutrition, health and pushing my body's boundaries.

This led me to gain a double degree in Nutrition and Advanced Physiology. 

After which, I decided to learn more about business and sales and pursued a career in recruitment. In my first year, I was awarded rookie and salesperson of the year, eventually progressing into a leadership role. 

In my late twenties, I started travelling the world and working in various other corporate sales roles across the globe. 

During this time, I burnt out twice. 

My body was in shambles. 

I could barely walk up and down the stairs. My joints were so inflamed that it left me unable to make a fist with my hand for over six weeks. 


I ended up spending over $30,000 trying to figure out what was wrong with my body over an 18-month period. 

Everything to this point came together and Get Your Sh*t Together was born. This business would focus on supporting leaders and companies in managing their stress and preventing burnout. 


All of this has laid the foundation for OMNIA.


With all the leaders I have helped and businesses I have spoken to, OMNIA was inevitable.


It's time to drive performance through sustainability.

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