Mike's StOry

From a young age, health and well-being became a hugely integral part of my life as I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 15. An auto-immune disease which is heavily impacted by diet and lifestyle. 


As a result of this healthy living made up of good nutrition, regular exercise and stress management became not only an interest but a way of life. This is still the case for me today, I continue my studies with the most up to date research in nutrition and performance. It started as a necessity but has become my passion. 


This drove me to take my studies further and study a BSc in Medical Physiology before undertaking a Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition.


Alongside my studies I was playing rugby at a high level before operations as a result of Crohn’s meant I had to retire from playing and embark on a new career in coaching. I continued to coach at the elite level for the next 7 years, whilst also doing some specific work with professional footballers and Olympic rowers. Working with these world class athletes gave me an insight into what high performance really meant and how we can make sure we are performing to our maximum when we need it most. 


Following my studies I embarked on a career within recruitment. Specifically working within the life sciences market, using my industry knowledge to enable me to consistently be one of the company’s top billers before moving into various leadership positions. 


As my exposure to the operational side of business increased, I saw first hand how important a leadership team is when it comes to setting and then upholding a culture geared towards high performance. This is what inspired me to go it alone and launch my own consultancy business. 


Having now worked with nearly 1000 leaders globally over the past 12 years, from a variety of high performance settings. I have gained an enormous amount of experience on how to ensure teams are performing to their optimal levels, in a way that is sustainable! 


Consistent performance generates consistent results! 

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