One of the biggest things we have learnt at OMNIA is that well-being has to take a top-down approach. By placing an emphasis on helping managers support their own well-being, we can help create a foundation of well-being that trickles down through the company. 


Our programs are specifically designed to develop sustainable leaders while helping them develop sustainable teams. 


The OMNIA programs are broken down into these two core areas: 


1) Developing Sustainable Leaders - this is where we provide detailed information to help leaders manage stress, prevent burnout and develop sustainable habits that will not only drive their health, but also their performance. 

2) Developing Sustainable Teams - this is geared towards helping managers know how they can support their teams in order to drive sustainable performance.


The programs are specifically designed to support fast-paced environments. We understand that working in a high-pressured industry is important and this wasn’t created with the intent to remove pressure from the workplace. Instead, it’s about redesigning it in a way that develops growth, performance and sustainability. 


We want to change the churn-and-burn mentality that can come with fast-paced environments by helping companies develop a sustainable approach to high-pressured roles. 


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When it comes to well-being, one of our biggest beliefs is that every business has its own unique pain points.


For this reason, we have designed the

OMNIA Well-Being Check. 


It allows us to strategically pinpoint what areas require specific focus in order to help manage stress and prevent burnout across the company. It does this by giving us a clear overview of how your employees are feeling, what their pain points are and how to develop a strategy that’s best suited for everyone. 


With the results, we will develop a bespoke well-being strategy that will help you ensure that your team maintains a high level of performance. 


To get started with the OMNIA Well-Being Check, reach out to us.



We have created a simple, step-by-step framework that you can implement into your business that is specifically designed to help manage stress and prevent burnout in teams.


The whole purpose of the framework is simplicity. This guideline contains straightforward, actionable steps that can be implemented to support the overall well-being of your staff while creating a foundation of sustainable growth and performance 


In addition to these guidelines, we’ve designed a second handout especially for employees to help them make better decisions when it comes to their diet, exercise, sleep and stress management.


You have to be able to create a foundation of sustainable growth and performance and employees need to have the appropriate resources to ensure they can make the right choices for their well-being.


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